Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pioneer Woman

I've found a favorite new blog/site I like to visit. It's a website of an Oklahoma gal who shares her life via a blog, recipes, photography, home & garden ideas, and homeschooling ideas. Pioneer Woman is a must-see site! Her family has a lodge where she hosts cooking demonstrations (visited by other bloggers) and then shares them through photos and recipes. The lodge is beautiful...you'll just have to see it. Click here to see the lodge through visitor's eyes when another blogger, Bakerella, came to share her baking talents with a group of new-found friends. Ok, you get two for the price of one, Bakerella has some pretty fun baking ideas too...and she's been on Martha Stewart, or so I hear.

Pioneer Woman also has some amazing photography that you won't want to miss. That girl is good with a camera...she makes you want to go out and buy some horses and cows and then hole up in a warm cozy place somewhere and bake 'till all your dishes are dirty! :) I think you'll love her. I know a lot of other people do...she gets A LOT of comments.

Oh, BTW, I was reading one of PW's posts where she was talking about rinsing her hair with vinegar. Someone left a comment saying that she had used vinegar in her washer to get the musty smell out of things. I needed that idea because my girls had left two beach towels and their cover-ups outside after swimming (we filled the kiddie pool with warm water when it was 90 degrees out) and the items had actually sat out in the rain for a couple of days...on a wood bench...nasty! So, yesterday I put in the detergent and color-safe bleach and washed them...still nasty. I washed them a second time with detergent and vinegar and they came out fresh and clean! Awesome!! I did a little happy dance in the laundry room and then made my husband smell the towels. He's a good sport. Yay! The towels and cover-ups were saved.

If you have the time, take a look and enjoy!

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Reg said...

Hi Angie! It's been a while since I visited your blog. My friend at www.robynnsraving.blogspot.com has Pioneer Woman on her blog list too! It's so funny to see people all over the U.S. connect through blogging. If you want a good laugh read some of Robynn's writing...just hysterical. :)