Saturday, May 2, 2009

Changing Clothes

I enjoy the many wonders of spring - the flower's blooming, the gentle rainy days, the lush green colors of the budding trees, the new grilling recipes to try out, the lingering with neighbors, and the joy of watching my kids change out their winter clothes into their summer clothes. We have often called it a "fashion show" at our house.

Today I went through Rhett's clothes with him (not quite as exciting) and then moved to the little girl's room. We went tearing through 3 boxes stored in the closet, trying on shorts, short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless jammies, and spring dresses. Of course, Tara usually gets the largest pile of clothes to try on since she gets ALL the hand-me-downs, but there are still a few for Katie each year. I have some of Ashley's old dresses that Katie can wear now. The sleeves are a tad puffy, but Katie thinks they are gorgeous so if she wants to go retro, then I don't mind either. We tried to save only the items that seemed timeless anyway. It seems like once you have the shelves (we don't have drawers) and the closets organized with the new season's clothes, it really feels like the season has changed.

We purchased a few new outfits and swimsuits for spring/summer this week that still need to be laundered, but overall, we're just about done with the switch. All these "new" things make me want to use my JCPenney's gift cards and add a little spring to my closet, as well. If I do, I hope it will be as much fun for me as it has been for them. How have you enjoyed the changing of the season?

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