Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day & Frog Legs

I had a relaxing Mother's Day at the beach. The only tell-tale signs were the back of my calves that were bright red - the only spots that didn't get sunscreen. I'll spare you the photo on this one.

Our whole family ate lunch at The Frog House where we got to try...FROG LEGS! Yay! Katie, Mark and I liked them, Rhett and Tara did not like them, and I think Ashley was ambivelent. The skin tasted like chicken, but the meat was somewhere between chicken and cat fish...different, but fun. I didn't get a picture of Rhett with two fried frog legs sticking out of his mouth (who knew I'd need the camera in the restaurant), but it was memorable all the same. When we were ordering Mark asked, "Should we all try the frog legs?" I answered, "Yes, then I can tell about it on my blog!" Rhett fired back, "That's the only reason you're doing it!" I assured him he was right and that there was nothing wrong with that little motivation.

My two favorite pictures from Mother's Day:

beach bums! :)

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