Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 365-Week 7 & 8

Time for a P365 update with Sara.

Sunday, Feb 12 -

Scrappy Challenge color for Feb is green. Log cabin blocks done!

Monday, Feb 13 -

The Chums in Awana made thank you bags
for staff and volunteer leaders.
Included were some sweet treats and a thank you card. Nice surprise!

Tuesday, Feb 14 -

Katie, Tara and I made flower lollipops to give as Valentine's to their friends.

Wednesday, Feb 15 -

We used up some leftover candy canes to make Valentine lollipops.

Thursday, Feb 16 -

Biscuit trying to nap on the chair,
which she knows she's not supposed to do.

Friday, Feb 17 -

Mark gets a new truck, just what a farmer needs!

Saturday, Feb 18 -

I'm determined to get my paper under control.
Here's the first stage: getting those piles organized into like groups.

Sunday, Feb 19 -

The girls and I ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant and they brought Katie a very full berry smoothie.
Crazy cross-eyed sipper!

Monday, Feb 20 - 

A snowflake project - using puffy paint and glitter glue to make snowflakes.

Tuesday, Feb 21 -

The puffy paint ones became window clings. so cute!

But the glitter glue ones were not sticky so they became buffet decorations.

Wed, Feb 22 -

My Dad has been sending me old photos.
I'm on the left (era: 1970's) and Katie's on the right.
Like mother, like daughter!

Thursday, Feb 23 -

Sunset from my porch. Breathtaking.

Friday, Feb 24 -

Got some books recommended for reading with the girls.
Oldies, but goodies!

Saturday, Feb 25 -

Finished up the Scrappy Challenge color for the month of Feb!