Saturday, February 4, 2012

P365-Week 5

Another week of P365! Join us at Sara's to link up.

Sunday, Jan 29 -
Came home to some beautiful roses!

Monday, Jan 30 -
Lesson plans for January almost complete!

Tuesday, Jan 31 -

Tara feeds Mike

Katie feeds Ruby
(yes, it's almost 70 degrees in Northern VA!)

Wednesday, Feb 1 -

Our mantel with Valentine's mailboxes
to send/receive treats throughout the month

Thursday, Feb 2 -

I try my hand at a groundhog cupcake,
but I didn't have the mini m&m's. Fail!

So, I give up and make the Cub Cakes instead.

Tara decides she wants a pixie cut like her sister, but her own style!

Friday, Feb 3 -

Another farmer GIVES us more eggs.
Now we're up to 45 chicks to hatch.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, Feb 4 -

In a baking mood - made some bread to take to church tomorrow.

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Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Those roses are gorgeous!

I look forward to seeing the chicks that hatch. I use to have chickens but after my husband passed away I gave away my chickens and moved to Vegas to live with my sister and her husband.

That Cherry Pecan bread looks delicious!

LuAnn said...

love your daughter's haircut - very cute on her.

The brasd looks delish too.

Joyce said...

Those roses are such an amazing shade-they're gorgeous!

I love your mantle too....very sweet!

sara said...

what a great idea with the valentine mail boxes!!! so cute!

Love your girl's hair cuts.

guess winter has been mild just about everywhere!

skoots1mom said...

great idea with the valentine's day boxes...
love the horse pics

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh my stars...45 chicks to exciting!

What fun!

Great week, beautiful flowers, cupcakes, horses.....



Love the haircut, cupcakes, horses, and those peppermint roses were gorgeous. I loved them most of all. I also think the mailbox idea is pretty neat.

gail said...

Valentine mail boxes, how nice!