Friday, February 17, 2012

P365-Week 6

Sunday, Feb 5 -

McDonald's Caramel Hot Chocolate - so yummy!

Monday, Feb 6 -
Exercise! Love Leslie Sansone's Walk videos.

Tuesday, Feb 7 -

Skyping my daughter and my new "granddog" Faelyn

Wednesday, Feb 8 -

Who says you can't have fun with breakfast food?
(saw this idea on Pinterest)

Thursday, Feb 9 -

Playing Headbanz with the girls. Yep, I'm a turkey.

Mark and I were gone for the night and the kids made
Mac n Cheese Pizza for dinner.
(boxed mac n cheese on top of a frozen pizza, glued together with a little extra mozzarella)

Friday, Feb 10 -

January's red quilt squares are finally done!

Saturday, Feb 11 -

Had dinner at grandparents and the girls made tissue paper flowers.
Wacky girls!


gail said...

As I've said, looks like you have a fun family!

Angie said...

And yes, now I've put two & two together and I see you are a MEMBER of Vignette, but this is "your" blog! Guess I haven't had enough coffee this morning. Love your scrappy squares!