Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Waaay Too Busy!

I just realized a moment ago that I missed my own post party this past weekend. I had read through some great blogs too so you may get a mid-week party or maybe even a two week party next weekend. Who knows.

I have been waaaay too busy. My sanity is shaky. I think. :) I gave my Saturday to helping my son with his Eagle Project, Sunday was given to church and training of new Awana volunteers. Yesterday we had a full day of school, followed by errands to get done for Boy Scouts before they met last night. Then I endured the onslaught of American Heritage Girls registration in the evening. Can't tell you how many times I've cried on someone's shoulder this weekend and said, "I can't keep up this pace."

Today we went to two art classes and then spent the day running errands which included lunch out, a little time at the playground and 2 hours at the library. I feel better now. I just needed my family time back.

My house still looks like it didn't survive a hurricane and the remaining clothes in the drawers/closets is reminding me of poor Mother Hubbard, but my sanity is less shaky and I'm grateful.

I am reading a book on stress management (which I'm sure my cardiologist would be glad to hear) and it mentioned a simple "tool" to use that I put into practice a little bit today and it helped.

The idea is that even if you ARE rushed, as we all are at times, you should tell yourself in the MOMENT YOU ARE IN that you have all the time that you need. Don't tell yourself you don't have time to load the washer, if you are standing there loading the washer.


You, actually, do have the time, but the mental load you are carrying by telling yourself that you don't have the time drains you of energy and increases your stress level.

I tried it today while driving to the art classes. I ended up singing summer camp songs with my kids and still making it there peacefully and on time.

I tried it while sitting on the park bench waiting for my girls to explore all the areas of the new playground. I did have time to enjoy them climbing, sliding and running instead of constantly looking at my watch trying to figure out how I was going to get it all done.

I won't get it all done. It's never-ending, but I can get the most important things done today in MOMENTS that I'm completely in...trying to enjoy the task at hand.

The rest I just leave in the Lord's hands.

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BARBIE said...

It's so true how our negative outlook on things can affect our emotions. This is a great tool. I am going to try it, since every day I tell myself I don't have enough time for anything.