Monday, October 11, 2010

Project 365: Week 30

I've missed you all!

It's almost been 2 months since I've faithfully blogged. Those two months have been hectic, to say the least. The start of school is crazy for everyone and yet, most of you still continued to blog regularly. Sheesh, how do you do it? :)

When school started I also had two huge projects on my plate - adding to my team and training about 22 volunteers on our computer check-in process at church AND completing registration for about 140 leaders/girls in our American Heritage Girls troop. Every spare moment was spent trying to stay on top of these extra projects and keeping my home up and running.

I was determined to get up at 5:30am every morning for devotions before homeschooling began which made me bleary-eyed by 8:30pm. I was often in bed by 9-9:30pm, my usual time to blog. Sad.

The Lord helped me through both projects and for the most part I was able to keep up with the laundry and schooling. Please, don't ask about the cooking and cleaning. I've got a little triage to do in those areas!

Then the respite came! October 1st we left for our annual vacation to the mountains. How needed and welcome that was! Whew! It was such a blessing to get away and have some refreshing moments with my family and parents. I'm looking forward to telling you all about it.

For now, though, I want to pick up where I left off with my pictures. Only 10 weeks behind! Good grief! I blog for the purpose of journaling my life more than I do for entertaining you with the latest and greatest, so bear with me while I do a little catching up...again.

When we get to the end of 2010, I may have to sum it up as the year of "catching up." Maybe I'll learn a little about myself in the process, you think?

Thanks for hanging with me. I love sharing my life with you!

Sunday, July 25th - no picture

Monday - no picture


The girls growing zinnias at Grandma's house.

Playdough-scape made at Grandma's. I loved the creativity of children! (esp. the blue guy in the blue chair - reminiscent of Gumby!)


The boys return and bring home some lovely souvenirs. This is a conch shell that Rhett found himself - no purchase necessary!

We have coral, a sand dollar and sea sponge on display. The boys brought the sponge home wet and told the girls that they brought Spongebob home. We got to see it change into it's hardened form.

For days we heard about the beautiful scenery in the Bahamas until the pictures were finally developed and we got to "see" it for ourselves.

Thursday - no picture


Rhett spent his 17th birthday in Florida and the Bahamas so we celebrated with grandparents when they returned. Happy Birthday, son!

I couldn't be more proud of the man he is or love him more!


pictured: Rhett, Uncle David, Mark, Ashley, Angie, Tara (in yellow), Katie (in pink)

Mark's brother, Uncle David, came through town on a school trip. We went downtown to meet him and spend a few hours relaxing with a picnic on the Mall before his 25 school bus ride back to Minnesota.


Mary said...

Sounds like the boys had a great time!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your pics! We have missed you! And on your comment, I know what you mean about friends not reading it. And family is the same way. But thats ok we will just make new friends! lol
until next time... nel

Katie :o) said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you have had a busy but wonderful time!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

What beautiful photos, both of the scenery AND your family! Looks like you had a BLAST! Thanks so much for sharing them!