Thursday, September 2, 2010

Contemplating, but think not!

It's been half a month since I last blogged. In my blog world, that's an eternity! Honestly, I've thought about quitting. Hopefully, someone gasps, "No!" Or do I hear crickets?

Never fear, I think I'll stick it out.

Around our house we casually call August "Hell Month!"

It is usually the only month in the year that I do not homeschool, but spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for the next school year. (I took two months off this year, but did I get ahead...NO!)

I've also added the American Heritage Girls Troop registration drive the last two Augusts (which has been known to include some all-nighters.) The task of putting together the paperwork for 100 people is monumental.

Then we add the drama of sending Ashley off to college. It makes me sad.

Of course, this year we added two car accidents, a trip to the ER, purchasing a well-used car (oh, the pains of that!), and the acknowledgement that my husband will be out of work soon.

Wouldn't that be enough for anyone?

But on top, we've added work deadlines that I'm struggling with.

My son's Eagle Project Work Day is in 10 days.

Day 11...I lead Awana Greeter Training. sigh.

Rhett also began a new job that includes my chauffeuring back and forth.

Next week begins our homeschooling year, Children's Choir, Art Classes, Soccer, and CoOp classes.

Just putting this all into words makes me want to check my sanity! Hence, the need to blog!

I write posts in my head as I go through each day. I have moments where I think, "Oh, this would make a great post," but have nothing with me to jot down the idea.

I ENJOY blogging. I enjoy sharing my life with others. I love the quirky ways we look at life. I enjoy reading about what's happening in YOUR families, whether we're old friends or new. I think it would be so neat to meet a fellow-blogger someday (whenever you come to DC, just let me know!)

It fills a need. Don't know what it is, but I'm teaching Psychology this year so if I run across it, I'll let you know.

Until then...whether I'm ON or OFF, my heart is still with you. My brain...sometimes.

Today I will spend preparing for school, choosing music for choir and yoga tonight with a friend. That doesn't sound too bad.

And tomorrow...

Well, you'll just have to come back to find out!


Jewel said...

There you are!! I almost sent you and email to see where you were and what was going on!!
Angie, I know how you feel about blogging. I've been feeling the same feelings BUT my blog is my journal, so I'm making myself keep at it!
With watching little Jaylon, I don't have much of an opportunity during hte day to blog. At the end of the day when he goes home, I'm usually too tired to blog or have other things that are more important (imagine that!! LOL) and though I do get up at 5:30am, I have things that need to be done before Jaylon gets here, so if I'm going to blog, it has to fit in there somewhere and sometimes there just isn't a "somewhere" for it to fit into! :-)
Just blog when you can and don't fret about it! Even if it is just a line to let your blog friends know that you are okay, just busy!!! ((HUGS))

Katie :o) said...

NOOOOOOO!!! (That wasn't crickets!) Your blog is on my blogroll on happythoughts42day... this summer, my blogroll-blogs were the only ones I kept up on reading :o) I enjoy the bits of color you share on your blog. Glad you plan to keep sharing :o)