Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tooth Fairy Inflation

Tara lost a tooth last night and carefully tucked it into the Tooth Fairy pillow at bedtime. The following conversation occurred right after breakfast this morning:

Tara: "Mom, I think the Tooth Fairy left me $10!"

Me: "What?" (looking a little shocked!)

Tara: "I think she left me $10. Probably because I gave her the tooth on the first night."

(Tara usually holds on to teeth in a baggie for months and shows it to everyone. Then loses it; then finds it. Then extorts the tooth fairy with an old tooth.)

Me (thoughts scrambling): "Wow! That would be somethin! I've never heard of the Tooth Fairy giving so much money though. Why do you think she left you $10?"

Tara: "When I got the money out of the pillow I saw a one; maybe I just missed the zero 'cause when I counted all my money I had $12."

Me: "How much did you have before?"

Tara: "I don't know. I thought I paid you for the silly bandz with my $10. I don't think I had one."

Me: "Silly bandz?"

Tara: "Yeah, when we were at Staples!"

Me: (relieved) "Uh-uh! You did NOT pay me for those silly bandz. I think we forgot you owed me. You already had the $10 and the Tooth Fairy gave you $1."

Tara: "Oh, man! I was going to turn my teeth in on time from now on."

Me: (sighing with relief) "I bet you were."


Joyce said...

I'm happy to say the tooth fairy is retired at our house. She found remembering to do her job and having correct dollar amounts on hand to be quite stressful : )

Katie :o) said...

Too funny! Our errant tooth fairy has flown late before and arrived after breakfast....

dontwaitfordaylight said...