Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Wishes...

Recently on Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries blog, Beth asked readers to share three wishes. We were to finish the phrase, "If I could, I would..." Commenters were not to be negative with thoughts of redoing past mistakes, but were to look ahead and dream of doing things without regard to money, energy, time or ability. It was all in good fun, but got me to thinking. I perused some of the 1200 comments and many did not ring true for me, but I was caught off guard when I had emotional responses to some of the entries. Could these be my dreams, as well?

I usually try to keep it lighthearted around here, but if I were truly unlimited to do as I wish, I would love to have one or all three of these dreams come true:

1) Build and run an orphanage in a poor country. (Peru?)

2) Own a restaurant with my husband in the town where my daughter goes to college. After closing hours, open the doors to the college students and feed them snacks while we have Bible study and prayer together.

3) Speak to women about their faith - share my journey and encourage them to trust God fully.

Any one of these would fulfill my longing to minister in the name of Christ.

What are your three wishes?

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Mary said...

#2 is such a great idea!