Monday, April 19, 2010

Project 365: Week 15

I'm a day late. Tara got a stomach bug and I've been "Nurse-Mommy" most of the weekend. That included lots of time sitting with her so I didn't get much done - not that I minded much. Cuddle time with my baby girl is always welcome. We're praying she's on the mend.

I'm joining Sara's Project for the 13th time!

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Here's what happened this week:


We left Saturday for a three day weekend to visit Ashley at college. We included a stop for ice cream and these two crazies had way too much fun at this pit stop! Mark and I enjoyed the treat too.


The girls talked TJ into letting them ride in the back of his jeep on the way home from church. It was fun following them down the freeway watching their hair blow in the wind. They loved it!


The Shirley Temple at O'Charley's - sprite with cotton candy on drink!


Thinking about teaching this next year in co-op. Working on the outline.


We went to the local college to see Seussical. It was a school (co-op) field trip put on by a theatre class, I presume. It was a stripped down set, but the 12 performers were all great. Wish I could have shown you a pic of the performance, but you know, NO PHOTOGRAPHY. :)


Forgot to get a picture for the day so I decided to fill in with a picture of the Gone With The Wind cookbook that I bought at a coffee shop on Monday. Some of the desserts look delicious!


Haircut time: The before & after. Went a little shorter for summer.


Is the pollen covering your vehicles? Mark got out the car washing tools and put the girls/himself to work. It was a little chilly for swimsuits, but they had a fun time in the sun.


Rebecca Jo said...

That drink looks so fun!!!!

Summer is always good to go a little shorter with the hair :)

The Bug said...

I want one of THOSE Shirley Temples!

Your cut looks great!

Joyce said...

Oh my word...I can't imagine how sweet a sprite with cotton candy would be??? I am pretty sure I would love that. And so would my youngest!

sara said...

what a fun drink!!! except that I don't like cotton candy (I know, right?) but I a sure kids love it!

would love to see what desserts you make!

the pollen is horrible here...our cars stay yellow all the time..ugh!

Nel said...

Pollen... it is awful! Yuck.
Enjoyed your pictures! And love your haircut!

until next time... nel

H-Mama said...

the ice cream pic is too cute! and pollen? we've had our fair share for. sure.