Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's start with April Showers

In the last month or two a fellow blogger, Sarah from In The Midst of It recommended some of her favorite blogs. I checked them out and quickly added Home Sanctuary to my own favorites list.

Home Sanctuary is a blog that encourages you to do one small thing daily toward making your home a better place to live. Hence, the name! If you accomplish the daily task you award yourself points and keep track of them throughout the month. At the end of each month add up all the points you've earned and send them to Rachel Anne, the host of Home Sanctuary. You can be entered in two give-aways at the end of every month.

I didn't really play along in March, but checked the posts almost every day. The tasks aren't very big, but included things that I might not think of or might not have gotten to for a very long time. The tasks also include things you probably do every week; it's quite the variety! You'll have to vist Rachel Anne to understand the post title. :)

I signed up to be a Company Girl where once a week (if I remember correctly!) Rachel Anne provides a Linky to let everyone visit with one another. There are NO requirements or themes for the Linky - you just get to have "company" over and visit with other bloggers. I've met some wonderful bloggers this way.

So, I encourage you to check out Home Sanctuary and jump into the tasks OR like me, just look around and get a feel for the place. Either way, I think you'll enjoy yourself.

Let me know if you join, then I'll look for you when Company Coffee time comes around!

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