Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Place

I bet if you ask most women the question, "Where's your favorite get-away?" they would have a ready answer in mind.

I'm not talking about your favorite vacation spot (that would make a great post/conversation). Instead I mean that place you steal away to when the kids have made you crazy or you just need to "regroup."

You may enjoy your favorite place with your spouse or a girlfriend. It may be a coffee shop or library. Maybe it's sitting at your Mom's dining room table or in cozy spot on a porch. Maybe your favorite place is wherever the SALES are. Do you take respite in your garden? Does your favorite place change depending on where your run takes you that day? Wherever your favorite place, you come away refreshed, quieted, energized and ready to face life again.

I'm writing right now from my favorite place. Well, it's one of them at least. (Don't we all have a few?) Some of those places I mentioned above are places I find refreshment, but there is one place that gives me complete's in my car.

Don't laugh. Hear me out. At this moment my son is playing classical music at his piano lesson. The beautiful melody is wafting on the breeze where I can hear it through opened windows as I sit in my car curbside. The blossoms smell delicious and the warm sun on my arm (one sunny, one shaded, of course) is just enough to get my vitamin D for the day. Ha!

I LOVE to be alone. When my son attends youth activities one evening a week, I can sit in the parking lot of my church and read magazines, sip Starbucks and watch the sun set. I can catch up on listening to inspiring messages or write a REAL letter to a friend. By the time Rhett comes out to the car at the end of the evening I am so mellow and relaxed it's as if I've been to a spa for the weekend.

There are many favorite places, but almost all of them include the intrusion of others in some way. Sitting in my car enjoying a cool breeze and activity that feeds the soul ALL ALONE is nearly perfect in my world.

What's your favorite place?


Jeanne C. said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Love your blog! My favorite place bar none is the bookstore or library. :)
Have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

Aww, this reminded me of the many days I spent in the driveway of my daughter's piano teachers house doing the same thing.

My kids are off at school so the house is mine essentially ...I have a sunroom I love to sit all the way around and woods on two sides...very restful and my favorite alone place.

sclevenger said...

My favorite place, at least this time of year, is out on my patio. It's nice and sunny, and there's a beautiful flowering tree (I have no idea what kind :) ) there. It's just so nice!

Mary said...

I love my living room. Especially when I'm by myself. When the boys were little I often thought how nice it would be to be a nun...all that quiet time!

Lea said...

So enjoyed your entry today and I find your place of "solace" so interesting. Our children are grown and gone, so I usually have the house to myself several hours each day and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy it. Peace and quiet has never bothered me and I find it, like you, to be energizing. Thanks for a great post!

2cats said...

I remember when my son would have an after school function, and I would leave home early to pick him up just so I could sit in the car alone. I love being alone. Now my favorite place is still my car but usually it is when I am running errands and listening to music.