Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Project 365: Week 13

I'm sorry I'm a few days late on getting my weekly pictures up. Since April 1st I have been focusing on going to bed early so I can get UP early and have a good start to each day. That means less playing on the computer. Trying to keep it all in balance, you know.

Here's my week in pictures beginning with:


On Palm Sunday our children perform the song "Jumping Up & Down" (at least that's what we call it) waving palm branches in celebration of Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Monday - no picture. :(


Dad snapped this one of Grandma and the girls riding bikes!


We ate dinner outdoors! Grilled fish with Garlic Salsa never tasted so good.


I purchased the girls new Easter dress shoes and ended up bringing two pairs of sandals home for ME. This is the casual pair. BTW, I used the sunless tanning tool on Picnik at the darkest level and this is all the "sun" I got. Trust me the true color would have blinded you.


The girls made Easter eggs with Grandma. Katie accidentally broke one of Tara's eggs so she said that she would take the broken one. Grandma loved Katie's attitude and put a bird in her broken egg. It was the cutest one of the bunch.


The Easter baskets all ready the night before.

Can't wait to see everyone else's week in pictures. Join me here to check in on friends:

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Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA!!! That's hilarious that you used the tan from Picnik... My white legs are right there with ya buddy!!!

I love you have post its & pencils in the Easter baskets... I'm a gal who loves office supplies - that would have made my day!

Joyce said...

I must know what garlic salsa is? It sounds wonderful!

We just watched some old home videos of Easters past and cracked up at my then 3 yo daughter's excitement at getting 'tape!!! my very own tape!!' She just loved her some scotch tape back then : )