Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What to do?!

Today I'm really overwhelmed by all that I have to get done...(so of course, I blog first! ha!) The schooling, cleaning, laundry/ironing, shopping, exercising, studying for two Bible studies, communicating with extended family, paying the seems like it's all calling at once. Of course, last week's "vacation from life" to conquer my desk is one of the contributing factors, but I am often struggling to find balance.

I started a Bible study on Esther at my church last week. We meet on Wednesday nights and I was amazed at the women's responses to the upcoming study. Everyone who shared was transparent about how difficult it is being a woman and how they were looking forward to gaining some insight by studying Esther in depth. Every woman in the room didn't share the same difficulties, but it was comforting to be reminded that all of us have our challenges. I don't know if Esther will lend itself to any answers about how to find balance in my life (she lived at a day spa, for goodness sake!), but I do know that Esther will point me back to the One that has the answers.

I'm going to bathe the day in prayer and just keep moving. I'm sure the Lord will help me do the necessary things and the rest...I just need to leave in His hands.

PS...I love the irony of my last post saying I Can Do Anything and this one What to do?! I'm just reminded of the verse..."I can do all things through Christ..." (not through ME)

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