Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I got a new little gadget for my birthday- a Zune! It's an MP3 player - little cheaper than an Ipod. I am learning some of the ins and outs about loading and storing music on my computer & Zune and I think it will be a lot of fun. I'm hopeful that I will be more willing to go for a walk now that I don't have to carry a portable CD player when I go (if I want music, that is.) I also look forward to using it while I'm working at my desk or at the church library.

Last night Rhett and I waited at the church while the girls were in Awanas and we both had our music on while I was reading and he was drawing. We had two hours to ourselves and after one hour I couldn't handle having the headphones on my ears anymore. I felt fatigued. I had the player on a low volume setting in case Rhett said something, but I was surprised with the noise difference when I took the headphones off. It was just a new interesting experience. I'm sure trying to listen to music and reading aided in the fatigue. I commented to Mark about how often and how long the kids nowadays listen to their music. What is it doing to their brains and ears? Now I'm starting to sound old, huh?! Oh, well, that's what birthdays are for...

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