Friday, June 21, 2013

Bits of This & That

I've been in a writing slump. I've been enjoying the living part of life, but not really the retelling part. My poor blog has suffered neglect, but I haven't lost sleep over it. Through the years I've come to realize that my blogging ebbs and flows and I'm ok with that.  

I tend not to be a chatty person. Ok, sometimes you can't shut me up and I do enjoy an audience, but I tend to dislike small talk. If we sit down together I want to talk about something substantial, not just hear about what someone had for lunch, unless, of course, your lunch was note-worthy.

I'm rambling. 

Anyway, I read this post and commented about the Lord's provision in my son's life.  After I did that I thought to myself, "Wow, I should share more of those small tidbits of daily life. I enjoy when others do; it helps me get to know them. Why does everything have to be substantial?" 

I do realize my last post on taco-flavored ice cream was not substantial. :)

So here's the comment I shared. Maybe it will encourage you to recognize the small ways the Lord has blessed you recently.

A couple of days ago someone in the drive-thru at McD’s in front of my son paid for his meal. He thanked the Lord for a free lunch since he’s trying to save all he can for college in the fall. Then he went to work (a used bookstore) and a woman was interested in a Christian book entitled, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. It’s one of my son’s favorite books and has a strong gospel message. He encouraged the lady to get the book, but she hesitated because of money. He said he really wanted her to have it and he bought it for her. He wanted to pass on the kindness and plant a seed. He came home and shared, “Well, I didn’t have to buy my lunch, but I spent my lunch money to share the gospel.” Sounds like money well-spent.

That was this, now on to that...

We went to see Monster's University as a family this morning. I loved Monster's Inc. and I loved Monster's U. just as much. Missed those guys, Sully & Mike.  It was entertaining to watch my son who is off to Uni in August take in all the stereotypical people/antics of the first week of college.  He said it made him nervous. Ha!

I'd also like to say that it sure is fun eating movie theater popcorn at 11am. Feels like you're getting away with something!  (yep, not substantial.)

One more bit...

I've spent the afternoon on Etsy. I would love to sell some quilts and other handmade items, but Etsy is a little intimidating. 

Basically, anything new to me is intimidating. 

I wanted to see what was selling out there to inform my creative choices. It's a little overwhelming, but I would still like to give it a try, hopefully, in the next few months. We'll see.

Summer - where you get to slow down enough to enjoy some bits of this & that!

Hope you're enjoying them too.


Conny said...

FIrst of all, imagine my surprise when I saw that my post was maybe just a little inspiration for you to share your son's story here! WHICH is a great story and lesson, by the way!! :)
And secondly, I hear you on the waning and ebbing of blogging ... I used to blog more - right now I blog less - but sometimes I just have to write. Just how the spirit leads, I guess ??!! :)

I enjoy the ramblings ... and yes, if we ever had lunch, I think I'd go straight for the substantial conversation too though. :) That's one of those weird (or normal?! LOL) introvert traits.
Anyhoo .. have a GREAT weekend.

Joyce said...

I think there are people in our lives, or settings maybe, where jumping in to the substantial right off the bat feels natural. I just had a weekend like that and it was much needed. I think there's room, especially in blogging, for the little, less substantial tidbits too. I enjoy a peek into blogger's lives and feel like it connects us in some way. I too think my writing ebbs and flows, and find summer is that way for so many blogs I follow. I'm okay with it too : ) Fabulous story your son shared!

mare ball said...

Blogging does ebb and flow and you and Joyce have said. I feel the same way...some days, it's just not a priority. Such is life. I love it when people pay for the person behind them in whatever food, the toll booth. It's fun to pay in forward. :-)

Nel said...

You are not alone with the blog. I have just been to busy with family and other things. I really hate that because I love to write. Enjoyed your post. That was good about your son! God is so amazing!
until next time...nel

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