Saturday, July 13, 2013


July has been event - full!  Much of the month so far has been spent in Urgent Care (3 times in 12 days!)  I'm hopeful we're all on the mend now and that the rest of the month will be quiet, but who knows.  Here's an overview of the first part of July - the good, bad and ugly.

The afternoon of July 1st Tara mentioned she wanted to start using deodorant. At the store we took the lids off of maybe 15 different ones so she could smell them and by the time I got to the car I was itching. By the time I got to dinner the hives covered my arms. By the time dinner was done they were down my torso. By Tuesday morning I was covered head to foot and went to Urgent Care. Three shots and 3 prescriptions later I was down and out until Friday, the first day of "no rash."  I now need to see an allergist. 
Our guess - an essential oil. 

To keep my mind off of the itching I threw myself into quilting a patriotic table runner for the holiday. ;)

My Dad brought ribs and corn over for dinner on the 4th of July and I made a red/white/blue jello poke cake. After we ate the gang went to the local park and watched the fireworks while I stayed home to rest.

Mark used his new chainsaw to take down a dead tree in the front yard.

Summer fun - the girls gave themselves avocado face masks.

Back to Urgent Care on the 11th. Bella, our horse, stumbled and stepped on my sandaled foot. The pain was intense and I thought it was broken. Diagnosis: severe contusion (she crushed the soft tissue only - no broken bones.) I'm in a boot for a few days. The foot is now black and blue, but the feeling has returned to my toes. 
Back to wearing boots when I work with the horse. Duh!

Katie ended up in Urgent Care on the 12th with a rash. She has a bacterial skin infection. We think it happened when she took a fall on Wednesday. Poor thing. It's a patch on her hip and the meds seem to be working. We're doing a lot of relaxing around here this weekend.

My husband has been traveling a lot. This week while he was away he sent me a gift in the mail - 6 jars of my favorite jelly, which I can't buy in any stores around here. (Smuckers Mixed Fruit)
What a sweet gift!

I have an outdoor girlfriend who gifts me with beautiful flowers/bushes for my yard. Here are some gorgeous lilies in bloom!


sara said...

wow. my july has been busy but not quite as eventful as yours!!!! hope your ER visits are done for a while!!!

Conny said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Bless your heart (and arms and foot)!
Hope you're feeling so much better by now and can enjoy these summer days.
Adding a prayer for your complete healing (((CYBER HUGS)))

gail said...

Poor thing! Hoping and praying that urgent care gets no more visits from you and your family.

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness-you have had quite the July! I hope the remainder of the month is quiet. Feel better soon!

Brenda said...

Wow, bummer with all those trips to the urgent care. Hope there are no more trips...period!
Be blessed!