Saturday, July 27, 2013

On the Mend

Thanks, Gail, for that gentle reminder to give an update on Biscuit...

Thursday when I awoke Biscuit was breathing shallowly and shaking with every breath. She couldn't move without crying in pain.  We took her into the Vet again (by stretcher this time) and she came out with steroids for inflammation, morphine-type pain meds and a camel (a bag's worth of saline given under the skin on her back for hydration.)  She was in bad shape.

She slept peacefully the rest of the day, but did not move from our towel covered couch.  Rhett and I carried her out at bedtime and she went to the bathroom, but we carried her back to the couch to rest for the night.

On Friday morning my puppy-girl turned the corner. She was lifting her head and initiated going out to the bathroom, eating and drinking. She still stumbled and shook when walking, but the pain meds and steroids helped her manage until the antibiotics could start attacking the infection.

Today she sat in her fave spot looking out the window and even went outside on the deck to watch Dad mow. A little bit of her personality is back! She's on the mend, thank goodness.

Thanks so much for your prayers, and Gail, especially, thanks for your concern and follow-up!



Brenda said...

Good to hear!

Joyce said...

Glad she's okay! Was it just dehydration? I've heard that's been a real problem for dogs this summer.

Angie said...

Joyce, she has Lyme Disease. She was fully symptomatic; very scary.

sixroses said...

SO glad to hear this good news about Biscuit! Praying for (and really miss seeing) your family!
We are headed to Colorado today to visit with joel's fam until the 9th.