Friday, August 2, 2013

Going-away Sing-a-long

First, I wish I had a picture to share with you. I almost didn't write the post because I didn't capture it in a photo, but I'm guessing you can use your imagination and envision the scene at our home last night.

My son, Rhett, has worked 2 jobs this past year in preparation for college. One of the places of employment is a local music shop where he teaches piano.  There are a few believers who work at the music store and they have become fast friends.  Rhett decided to invite those young adults over for a Mexican dinner, Martens' smores and a jam session before he leaves for college in 2 weeks.

Ten of us started off with green chili enchiladas, rice, chips & salsa and watermelon. Squeezed around the dining room table we had our family, Ryan & Chelsea (an engaged couple) who shared their romantic courtship story with us, and the Gold Sisters: Tori, Jocie, and Shelby - three very sweet and talented young women.  (I couldn't get over the strong resemblance between Tori and "Mary" the oldest sister on Downton Abbey. Two beautiful girls!)

After dinner we moved out to the fire pit to eat smores the Martens' way - forget the graham crackers, bring on the chocolate chip cookies!

Here's Tara eating the Martens' smores a couple of years ago - roasted marshmallow and chocolate smooshed between two homemade chocolate chip cookies. Trust me, you'll never use graham crackers again!

After our gooey dessert we moved to our "music room" (aka - office or place that houses the piano).  Ryan and Rhett took turns on the piano, Tara and Rhett played the bongo drums, Tori played the mandolin, Jocie, the guitar and Shelby, the fiddle. Mark, Chelsea and I sang along with everyone else. We all sat in a large circle singing whatever came to mind - love songs for the engaged couple, hymns, and worship songs.  The Gold sisters also sang some of their own music.  You can see their beautiful faces and hear their wonderful music here. 

I wish life were slow enough to have evenings like this every week! It was so fun and relaxing.

This morning I'm still fondly remembering the stories and music; time well-spent.  Wish you could have joined us too!




Conny said...

oh wow, that sounds like so much fun!!!
My husband's family is very musical and they used to do the "around the piano" music sessions too. Sadly, I am NOT musical at all - so that tradition kind of stops with me (I can pluck out a hymn with one finger but it isn't the same - ha!).
Glad you all had a grand finale before your son goes away to college. :)

Kristi Perdue said...

I can so picture. I'm glad you posted even without a snapshot.
Isn't that how people used to spend every evening? Reading aloud, playing music, singing. We've gotten so distracted from the simple things. I'm glad you recaptured some of that!
Love you all!