Saturday, August 31, 2013

A month of joy & sadness

I'm glad summer is wrapping up. In some ways it's been peaceful; in other ways, it's been difficult.

Mark has traveled a lot and the farm work has fallen on the rest of us. We've faced illnesses, injuries and financial setbacks, but in all, we've made it through and I'm looking forward to stepping out of summer-mode and back into school year-mode. Anyone else?

This month I said good-bye to my second child, Rhett, (my only boy) as he went off to college. He's my buddy so it's been an adjustment around here. It's been a little quiet. We don't seem to be going through the food quite as quickly either.

Rhett has enjoyed the first two weeks of university and is getting along well with his two roommates.

My Colorado daughter, Ashley, and son-in-law, TJ came east for a friend's wedding and spent several days with us.

Oh, that Denver beard!

We spent hours talking, eating and playing boardgames - three of our favorite things. 

Our latest addiction...

(such a fun & easy game!)

We've been playing another game around here.

It's called "You might be a Redneck if..."

you can shoot a rifle at 10 years old...

you can shoot a rifle in a skirt...

you're the youngest, but have the best aim with a Glock...

you put a shirt over your head to keep the bugs off so you can take aim.

Yep, Rednecks!
This is some kind of country livin'.


gail said...

I, too, am looking forward to school starting.

Do you watch Duck Dynasty? What a hoot!

Conny said...

Yep, time just keeps on ticking by ... and God just keeps on giving grace - in good times and in losses too. :) I am thankful for that - and for family. I know you are too!! :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi Angie. :) I just resurfaced to start blogging about a month ago and now I'm finally getting around to seeing who's still out here. I see you pretty much moved over here so I followed you over. My heart aches for you to not have your son with you. I'm in the same stage of life with my youngest going to college next year and my eldest just graduated from college in May. So much going on and it sounds the same for you. I bailed blogging because of a surgery that went terribly awry but I'm finally through it. Nice to "see" you and I'll update my blog roll. :) Blessings to you and the shooters. haha