Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

For our family and friends, here's our week, all wrapped up.

On Monday we said good-bye to our buddies -


and Bentley

It's hard to even write about it without choking up. Despite our hearts breaking we knew it was the right decision for us to send our two horses off to another family. They went together and we've heard they are doing well. We plan to go visit them in a couple of weeks and check on them, but for several reasons we had to let them go.  The girls are barely keeping it together for these pictures; we did a LOT of crying on Labor Day. The field is lonely, but we knew it was the right thing to do.

Tuesday was the first day back to school. So far, so good. We didn't quite get a full day in on Friday so we finished up on Saturday morning. We've accomplished all we set out to do this week.

Wednesday I finished a quilting project.

These are appliqued coasters that I made for a swap.
When I want to try a new quilting skill I sign up to swap the finished project with someone. I need a little incentive and a deadline. I had a lot of fun with these and learned a few new tricks, as well.

These are the coasters I received from my swap partner.
Love the orange & blue!

Thursday was CoOp.

This was taken for our CoOp directory - a lonely little picture without Rhett.
(Thought some of you might want to see my haircut - went short in February!)

Friday our small group Bible study resumed. It was a wonderful night reflecting on the Word, prayer, eating & fellowship. So satisfying.

Saturday I tried tying up loose ends and did some laundry so those who are traveling  next week have something to wear. 


sara said...

those coasters are SO CUTE!!!

And I love your short hair!! :)

Conny said...

just stopping by to say HI ... super cute hair cut ... and super cute coasters and quilt pieces.

Joyce said...

I love your haircut! Your girls definitely favor you I think : ) Enjoy your weekend!