Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Sept 15

Life is full. Busy. For all of us, I realize, but blogging is not my life.

However, I love to be able to share what's going on in our lives especially with far-away family and friends. So even if I don't entertain you with daily posts, I am going to try to give weekly updates. I know that would mean a lot to those I care about most.

It's also a great way to record what's going on so weeks don't blur into months...into years. I used to try to capture the day with a picture, but that was too much pressure. I found myself taking pics of stuff I didn't care about just so I could mark the task off my to-do list and then actually missing opportunities for pictures I would want to take just because I was sick of using the camera. Weird.

So, my weekly updates will sometimes include pictures, but only if I really wanted to snap them. :)

Last week was full of work for my part-time job. That kept me at my computer A LOT, but the girls were both sick with head colds so they were vegging in front of electronics or the tv.

Mark has been traveling several weeks each month and this is the first trip we've experienced without Rhett at home (he's away at college.) It's been quiet. Very quiet.  Mark walks through the house a lot and Rhett talks a lot so having the two guys gone has been quite peaceful. Sorry, guys.  I don't like to talk on the phone, especially in the evening. I've used up my words by then and just want to relax, but without having an adult in the house, I find that I'm more willing to talk about the mundane with Mark on the phone. That's been a pleasant surprise for both of us.

I can't say that our house looks as tidy as usual. Oh, speaking of tidy...

Last Sunday at church I walked through the 4th & 5th Grade area to pick up supplies (I work in our children's dept.) and saw some forms titled "About Me" lying on a common area table. At the top of the  pile was Tara's form. I decide to peek at what she wrote about herself and her family and friends. It was mostly cute.

Here's the jist of what she said about her family:

My sister likes art.
My brother likes to read fantasy books.
My big sister likes to knit.
My Dad likes being outside.

Then what do you think she wrote about Mom? She likes to quilt? She likes to organize? She likes to read? Anything that might seem like a pleasure? Not really.

She wrote,

My Mom likes to have a clean house when company comes over.


It's true, but I sure enjoyed giving her a hard time about it. Tara said it's the first thing that popped into her head.

Now I'm wondering if Dad likes being outside because Mom likes a clean house when company comes over? :)

Let's just say, we haven't had company over and it shows.

Back to the weekly update...

Because the girls were sick we, together, spent a lot of time in front of the tv. Fevers were raging, tissue piles were growing, snacks were plowed through. It was one of those weeks. We came across a new show that we really enjoyed, Rachel vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off. What a hoot those kids were! And the food - amazing!

We love to cook and eat around here so my girls were truly inspired. So much so that earlier THIS week, Katie made homemade taquitos for dinner one night. They were de-lish! We were groaning and moaning the whole time we ate them. Definitely a new recipe for our house.

Whoops, I'm getting into this week!

Because we had so much time on our hands I was able to finish up a quilt I made for a co-worker who had her first little girl.  I LOVE this quilt! I love the Momma, too. I know she will cherish it for years to come.

That's our week. Boring, yet productive and entertaining.

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Kristi Perdue said...

Love the quilt!! It's beautiful! So glad you posted... I DO feel a little more connected. Love you!