Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Two of my favorite people are celebrating their second wedding anniversary today, 
my daughter, Ashley and her husband, TJ.

As a parent we very often wonder what our kids will turn out like as adults. Will they love the Lord? Will they be responsible? Will they make wise choices? Will they be hard-working? Will they be fun to be around? Will we like who they marry?

TJ and Ashley are all that and more!

As they embark on their adult life and beginnings of a family we are filled with joy. They do love the Lord, take responsibility, try to make wise choices, work very hard, and are great fun to be around.  We love TJ like our own son! (sometimes more - ha!)

I'm so happy for them today, but since they live thousands of miles away, 
I'm a little sad too. We miss them very much!

If you'd like to wish them "Happy Anniversary!" head on over to her blog, Ridges and Ripples.

My outdoor-loving kids!

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