Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scattered Saturday Thoughts

Some weeks just feel like a quintessential sampling of life; this past week being one of them.

Sat - Last Saturday the girls and I spent the morning at church packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. With other families, we packed 450 boxes! A good way to begin November.

We brought home 2 guinea pigs that we're watching for 3 months while friends take a temporary job in Hawaii.  A great trial run to see if we want some critters of our own.

Sun - Worked a very full morning at church, followed by a database training (while I scarfed down lunch), set up for our evening events, then worked the night shift. Talked to my step-sister on the way home and laughed at the crazy dating scenarios she finds herself in.

Mon - back to the grind... schooled the girls, made a nice dinner for the boys and then went out to dinner with a girlfriend. So needed!

Tues - voted in our Presidential election, brought the girls home after 24 hours at Grandma's, worried about the limping of my 9-yr-old, affixed myself to the web all evening watching the results come in, received news that a friend had died.

Wed - depressed about the election, death of my friend and my child's leg I spent the morning web surfing/playing games. Anyone else have one of those days? Took child to Urgent Care, called a friend for a second opinion, went out to dinner with my family, prepped for classes to teach the next day, rejoiced in the news of baby # 1 born that afternoon to a co-worker/friend.

Thur- sat in morning traffic trying to get to CoOp, taught 3 classes, went to the library (ahhh!), met friends for froyo then went to their house to play for an hour, drove college students back to their dorms (fun), had Taco Bell with my kids, caught up on work/email.

Fri - Rejoiced to hear of another baby born on Thursday to a sweet friend who lost a newborn last fall. They named this new little boy, Jasper Henry, after the walls of Heaven. What a sweet gift of the Lord! Cleaned my house, made soup, salad & apple crisp, hosted company and taught them a new card game.

Sat - spent the night sleeping in the guest room from 2:30am after child with a head cold crawled into our master bed, found out baby # 4 was born to one of my earliest blogging buddies. What answers to prayer and blessings to life in the midst of sadness.

Sometimes I get so bogged down in the details and miss the big picture of life. I have been known to say regularly, "I just want off the roller coaster!"  However, after a recap, I see the Lord working in the details and realize that I really did accomplish more than I think.  I'm thankful to the Lord for a full life.


gail said...

Wow. An exhausting week. I must confess that I never got out of my pj's Wednesday...rather down myself.

I'm so glad I have a God who is in the details.

Joyce said...

I liked this post a lot. I too have felt heavy hearted and sad this week, a combination of the election and the hurricane aftermath our area is still dealing with. I collected donations from neighbors for care packages my church put together on Sat and it felt good to do something practical to help. My Tuesday morning Bible Study group will be putting together shoeboxes this week and I love that whole ministry. I've cut back on news and am mentally regrouping. I'd like to bury my head in the sand but I think those who disagree with so much of what's happening now need to stay strong and continue speaking out. Have a nice week!