Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Double Feature

Last night all the kids were away and Mark and I went to the movies for a double feature!  I've only done that one other time in my life (good memories with my son), but when there are two movies you're anxious to see, why not catch them both in the same night.

We started off with Lincoln. Wow! Daniel Day-Lewis is beyond amazing. I had read a review that said you'll forget he's not the real Abraham Lincoln and it was true right from the opening scene.  I cried, I laughed and I enjoyed the nuances of dialog. I now have to own Dorris Kearns-Goodwin's book, one of the two books the movie was based upon. I've always been a fan of Dorris. She's a big fan of Reagan too, but I digress.  Anyway, Lincoln was one of the best movies I have ever watched. I do smile when I think about my about my son-in-law's Facebook post, "Lincoln seems to be doing really well in theaters. That's not always been the case."  Har Har, TJ!

We had a 15 minute pit stop/snack reload and then went to the next theater to watch Skyfall. Daniel Craig is growing on me. I think he's become my second favorite Bond. No one will ever best Sean Connery. Blonds don't usually do much for me (I prefer dark hair with light eyes - like my man), but 007 had his moments. Maybe it's the light eyes. I digress once more. :)

I enjoy the pace of the Bond movies and it was certainly a good choice to take it in after the historical drama. I have to say that when I saw the mansion at the end of the movie, with all it's amazing wood built-ins, beams, etc I knew I would be sickened when that house would be destroyed.  I knew the gunfire would come, but really did we have to raze the whole thing? My husband must have understood my angst when he leaned over and said, "It's just a set."  Ha! Crazy stunts scare me, but destroying a gorgeous home, ugh. Truly frightening.

I have to say Javier Bardem as a blond psycho bad-guy was disturbing. He did a good job-ish. I just couldn't get over how icky he was. Guess that was the point.

Judi Dench? Why? I will miss you, Judi! Such a pretty lady/great actress.

The new Moneypenny...I don't know. Jury's still out on that one.

Such a fun night. We should do that more often.


Conny said...

oh fun!! I hope to see Lincoln too sometime soon!! I'm with you on what's-his-name Daniel as Bond - but I'd give him a chance ... once. :)

Glad you got out for a date.

Brenda said...

Every since my daughter found out we are somehow related to Abe Lincoln she has been obsessed with learning about him...do you think it would be appropriate for an 11-year old? or too much?
(ironically we also just found out we're related to George Washington)!