Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365: Week 3

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Sunday, January 9th

Rough draft of my volunteer's schedules at church for the first quarter.
Update: I schedule 31 volunteers at 13 different greeter/check-in stations for our children's department on Sunday PM. So the words you can kind of make out are just abbreviations of the stations.


There to greet me every Monday morning. Sigh.


A lost tooth. Yay!


Don't ya'll get a hankerin' for an egg sandwich sometimes? It just looked like a work of art to me.


I spoke to a support group of homeschool moms on organization during the day and began a new Bible study with my neighbor that evening where I used my Grandma's china for the first time.


These sayings in the Extra Gum crack my girls up. They especially like the message in the green box.


Zoobles have now entered our domain. The girls received these as favors from the birthday party they attended Saturday afternoon.

That's our week! See you next time.


momma frans said...

We love egg sandwiches in the Frans house. I sometimes add a little guacamole and some turkey bacon to mine, if I have it on hand.

The Bug said...

I eat an egg sandwich almost every day - I have an hour commute to work & they're very portable :) SOME days I'm not hungry so I can wait and eat oatmeal when I get to the office, but that's few & far between.

sara said...

ok, so I don't know what the Monday picture is? what am I missing?

Love egg sandwiches....however with no ketchup!

Jewel said...

*whew* glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what the Monday picture is. So, Angie...what is it? :-)
And I love me an egg sandwich every so often and so does the hubs. They just really hit the spot sometimes!!! :-)

LuAnn said...

I love egg sandwiches but no yolk for me - Never cared for it.
HAve a great week.

Amy said...

I love those Extra messages, I always get a laugh. You are a super women to be able to do all that scheduling. The woman that does it for our school just amazes brain is not wired that way. I must go check out zoobles they look too cool.

Have a great week!

still.sofia said...

I have a different perspective on Monday Mornings thanks to you. @Thursday, I am happy for you being able to use your G.Mama's china. I know how special she was to you.
Now...waiting for your organizational post :-)