Friday, October 16, 2009

Annual Vacation

We recently returned home from our annual vacation - a week spent each fall at an off-season ski-resort in the mountains. This was our 5th year vacationing with my parents and we all marveled at how quickly we let the stresses of life melt away. The relaxation was almost instantaneous after that first step into the familiar villa.

An annual vacation to the same destination takes away the guesswork of what to bring or what to expect. We've already tried many activities over the past five years - craft classes, tennis, mini-golf, shopping, swimming, dance classes, yoga, scuba-diving, eating out, historical tours, hiking, wine tastings, massage, billiards, ping pong, playing at playgrounds, Bingo, basketball, magic shows and poetry readings. There's always something new we add each year to our activities, but it's the conversations around the table, the games, the cozy fires & movie watching and the feeding of the deer from our deck that cement the relaxation in body and mind. It's good food, good company and good times...and only 358 days until we get to do it again.

(daily swim lessons at the pool)

(playing with Grandpa at the Frontier Culture Museum)

(relaxation is in the air!)

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