Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog Make-Over

Do you all like my blog make-overs? I love the autumn and thought it might be fun to change the blog background for the season. Just wait until Christmas...there are some cute ones out there! I also love my black & white design on my cooking blog - chic, I say!

I know some of my readers have their own blogs so I thought I'd share some of the great places you can get free backgrounds for your blog. Did you really want to dig through 17, 400,000 sites yourself?! Happy Decorating!

I'll start with the site that I chose a background from:

One that has cute, scrap-booking type pages:

Quirky little birdie:

Arts & Crafty looking, plus a few photo backgrounds:

Fun photo backgrounds:

I don't know, just unique:

Come to the dark side:

Lotsa Choices:

There's some unique backgrounds here: (keep scrolling down!)

I stumbled upon this one: (check out the textures! & I like their slogan)

Just like this one: (they may be my next site to borrow from)

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