Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scents and Scents-ability

This is the first scent I can ever remember wearing...does it look familiar to anyone? It's Avon's Honeysuckle Roll On. If they came out with it again today, I'd buy me a case of it! Loved it!!

I then graduated to Love's Baby Soft! What girl of the 80's didn't wear this perfume? I even bought it for my oldest daughter when she was that powdery scent.

In high school I moved on to Ciara - a strong musky/vanilla perfume. I wanted to make a statement/be memorable, but it sometimes gave me a headache.

I then went through a Wind Song phase. When Walmart began carrying those faux perfume aerosol sprays I could smell good cheaply - always a plus in college.

During my sophomore year in college, one of my roommates, Kirsten, and I got very sick. We both came down with mono and pneumonia and we felt like we were gonna die. Seriously, it was traumatic. I remember using all our energy to walk down the hallway to the pay phone so we could call our mommies. I sobbed on the phone one day telling my mom that I doubted my salvation 'cause I was sure God wouldn't let one of his children suffer as much as I was suffering. Kirsten was so sick that while she slept she had me stand on a chair next to her top bunk and shake her every time she stopped breathing to wake her up. I just laid my head down by her and probably drifted in and out of sleep too.

One day a package arrived from Kirsten's mom. Enclosed was an adult sized pair of footie pajamas drenched in her mother's favorite perfume. It smelled heavenly! Kirsten's mommy was thousands of miles away, but this was her way of taking care of her daughter. It actually did wonders for both of us. The perfume...Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden.

Soon after the two of us recovered, I went out and purchased my own bottle of Blue Grass and I've worn it ever since. I can only find it at one specialty perfume store in the DC area, but somehow that makes it even more special.

I've tried a few other perfumes and every once in a while I'll wear Anais Anais or Jessica McClintock, but Blue Grass will always be my favorite. It's my signature scent.

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