Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Countdown to Cold

I've been organizing recipes today...getting them into my computer, printing them out for my 3 ring binders that store my recipes. I've spent some time putting together some posts for my cooking blog and will be sharing some yummy goodness with you throughout July.

I generally don't like to cook during the summer months. I don't know if it's just too hot outside and I don't want to generate more heat with the oven or if I'm just lazy because of the heat! :) I love when the weather turns in the autumn and I can dig out recipes for soups, stews, hearty casseroles and homemade breads. That's just my favorite time of year to cook. Must be a personality thing since it's my favorite season, with winter as a close second.

I read a post recently by Sarah about seasonal depression. How true for me!! All you folks who lament about the lack of sunshine, heat, color, etc. in winter...well, some of us like to lament about the lack of shade, cold, icy stillness, etc. in summer. Ha! Sarah counted down the days until October (her calendar is shorter than mine, btw) and since it's the 1st of July I can count too...91 days until October!! Maybe if I don't pay attention it will fly right by!(or is that "bye"?!) just kidding.

Until we get there I will stand over every available air vent or hang out in the fridge thinking of Sarah and wondering what to cook!

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