Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireworks Flowers

Want a quick and easy patriotic craft to do with your kids with items you probably already have at home? Have I got the craft for you! (My tribute to the late Billy Mays.)

In January my 5-and 6-year-old kindergartners made these fireworks flowers as table decorations for our American Heritage Girls Awards Ceremony.

Colorful "flowers" make the buffet line festive

They were so easy and fun to make, although there was a little drying time between painting and assembling.

I thought I'd share the idea with you, JUST IN CASE, you were desperate to add one more thing to what I'm sure is already a busy weekend.

Here's the link to the Fireworks Flowers craft. Enjoy!

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Together We Save said...

Wow - that is a beautiful table. Looks like a fun craft.