Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer’s Little Pleasures

As you may have noticed, I have been un-inspired lately. When I sit down at my computer I don't feel like I have much to share with the world. As much as that surprises me (who knew this "talker" would ever run out of things to say), it also doesn't surprise me because many blogging books/writers talk about those dry times.

So...remember when I wrote this post about the blogging ideas book? This morning while I ate my bowl of cereal, I pulled out the notebook in which I had jotted blogging ideas while reading No One Cares What You Had for Lunch. Thank Goodness, 'cause now I get to share one of my ideas and you get to see my cute...


Last night one of my girlfriends took me out for dinner and a pedicure...a belated birthday gift!

A couple of years ago she introduced me to pedicures and we now go a couple of times during the summer months and enjoy the pure luxury of being pampered. I would have never done this myself without her prompting, but now every once in a while I take my daughter or sister-in-law and share the experience with the girls in my family.

My first pedicure of the season is always a french pedicure - clear polish with white tips. It's just my favorite! I look at my toes a couple times a day and I just smile...they make me so happy. Crazy? Maybe. Joy? Absolutely!

Now, I'm sorry you're being subjected to my feet...try not to notice the psycho-blue veins, separated toes, or shaved toe parts (yes, I have hairy toes that I shave...I should try waxing, but that sounds painful), but I wanted to share the pedicure with you! If you were here in person, I would be subjecting you to the be thankful! :)

If you live near me and ever need a pedi-partner (you know who you are!) just give me a call. I've got a great little place right next to a coffee shop...good planning, those stores!

If you want to see a crazy idea, click here. You up for that kind of pedicure? Can't imagine what that would cost!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Robynn's Ravings said...

I cannot stand not to have my toenails done! Yours look GREAT!! Isn't it fun? You get to see them so much and I'm like you, I get a big kick out of cute toes!

Hey! Thanks for dropping in and deciding to follow! Always a blessing and I appreciate it. :)