Saturday, June 6, 2009

One More Time

Yep, our poor mini-van has been in another accident! Ashley was taking a deposit to the bank last night when a middle-aged Spanish speaking man hit her driver's side front panel, breaking off the left mirror and making it so the driver's side door won't open. She was fine, thank goodness, but shaken up, as you can imagine. I'm glad it was close to home and Mark was able to run to the scene within minutes.

After getting the car back home I took the boys (in the Volvo) to Potomac, Maryland so they could hike 20 miles overnight into Rosslyn (just outside DC). Overnight...20 miles...CRAZY!! Of course, they are in bed now. I'm sure for the rest of the day. They are going to be hurting, too. Rhett doesn't like Gatorade so he decided to take two AMP's (energy drinks - mostly sugar & caffeine) with him instead. Every four or five miles they would meet up with a car that was carrying their stuff and eat some food/drink beverages. Rhett neglected the amount of water he should have drank and instead had the AMP's within a couple of hours of each other. He described the effects as vibrating his eyes. He didn't stop talking the whole night. Don't you already feel sorry for the other scouts? He was juiced! (I've always wanted to say that - hope it doesn't have a bad connotation?!)

Today my little girls have a friend's birthday party to attend at an area pool. So, yes, I've been wondering if I have to actually have a swimsuit on in case of possible drowning. I'm thinking if they decide to drown, then they'll have to be rescued by a mother fully clothed. I'm just not quite ready to be that exposed; it's so much easier when it's a bunch of strangers at the pool.

Off to conquer the day! Have a good weekend, everyone!

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