Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts

We've gotten a little crafty around here lately!

In our Home Ec class we made turkey pins.
(my variation on Paper Turkey Pins found at FamilyFun mag)
Instead of cereal boxes, we used magazine pages backed with a piece of card stock.

We also made turkey cookies in class.
Pillsbury Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies are a yummy way to celebrate and give thanks!

This morning we thought we get one more treat in before the big day, 
Pilgrim Hat Cookies.
You'll find different variations floating around Pinterest and the web, 
but we bought cookies that had a fancy scalloped edge 
and used other ingredients we had on hand. 
They are easy and delicious!

Taste of Home has a great recipe you can follow.

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Conny said...

oh fun!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to your family!
God bless!!