Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Lover's Knot

I've read through the Elm Creek novel series and was looking for something new. A friend suggested a quilting mystery series so I thought I'd give A Someday Quilts Mystery series a try.

The first novel, The Lover's Knot, was ok. The author does not compare to Jennifer Chiaverini; she did not create endearing characters. In fact, her main character is so conflicted and all over the place, I wanted to "smack her" at times. Guess that made good angst. :)  The dog was the best character.

Clare O'Donohue, the author, took too long leading up to the murder and spent an inordinate amount of time not telling you things, I guess to build suspense, but it got irritating.  For example, someone would give someone else a dirty look and another character would say, "Wonder what that was about." We live that way, but she did it too often and I just felt like saying, "Ok, already, you're not going to tell us. Quit telling us you're not going to tell us!"

Once the murder occurred the story got moving. She gave good clues to help us see the truth and threw in some red herrings, as well. I enjoyed trying to figure it out.

Her writing style is easy to read and her chapter size is perfect. You can finish off a few chapter with ease right before bed.

I had checked out the first two books in the series from the library and I opened up the second book to see if she used the same characters from the first book.  She does. She has a great opening and I was drawn to read the first few pages immediately.  I look forward to finding out more about the main characters so I guess she told a good story in the first book. I've more than willing to give book # 2 a try.

Quilting doesn't play a dominant role in this book, as much as in Jennifer Chiaverini's, but it does add a nice touch and helps you understand this circle of friends.

I recommend A Someday Quilts Mystery series and will let you know how book # 2 turns out when I'm done.

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