Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Drunkard's Path

A Drunkard's Path, the second book in the A Someday Quilts Mystery series, was fantastic! I couldn't put it down! It got read in hours, not days.

In book # 1, The Lover's Knot, the author, Clare O'Donohue, sets up the characters. That took about half of the book, but in book # 2, the story is action-packed from the beginning to end.

This book introduces some new characters who are quite entertaining.  As you read you're not sure whether to like or dislike the new additions and you hope that in the end it will be ok. :)  The circle of quilters were too cute and I'm beginning to really enjoy their contributions to the story. The author is not adept at writing angst between characters or she just can't add romance. The romantic elements in both books are quite irritating.  She puts the main character, Nell Fitzgerald, in on-again-off-again relationships and they do not add to the story, except to get her some information to aid in solving the mystery. It would be great if Nell didn't have a love life in book # 3. Ha!

The author paints vivid scenes and I would love to visit the new coffee shop in town and see the mural on the wall. It sounds really cool. She has folks traipsing around in the cold and snow and I got a real sense of the weather. You visit an art class and you can just smell the paint in the room. Ms. O'Donohue is a talented descriptive author.

The quilt named in the title was more prevalent in the story, but you do not have to be a fan of quilting to enjoy these mysteries.

I did my best to try to weed out the red herrings and solve the mystery, but when I finished the book I had only figured out about 1/3 of the scenario. However, it was easy to look back and clearly see the trail of clues, they were so unexpected, however, that I missed them.  That's a good mystery to me!

I'm looking forward to reading books # 3 & # 4 sometime soon!

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