Monday, February 18, 2013

P365 - Week 7

I've enjoyed getting to see the fun things that Amy posts every week on the P365 link at her blog: The Frans Clan. Blog linkies are always a fun way to make new friends (and to keep the old. ) Check out what everyone is doing this week here.

Sunday, Feb 10 -
I got fooling around with my plastic lunch ware and Rhett took it one step further - a spoon pirate!

Monday, Feb 11 -
Meet Bella, our new horse. She is sweet, gentle, social and has won our hearts!

Tuesday, Feb 12 - 

Hey! I'm Bella, the new (and only) blond at the Martens' house. 
Today I had a photo shoot with mom in my new digs.

Mom kept trying to get me to pose, but I just wanted to follow her around for the treats she was hiding in her pocket. Smart thinkin!

I finally got tired of the horse play and let mom catch me in the sun. She wanted to show off my whiskery chin, I think.  We'll see you around!

Wednesday, Feb 13 - 
Organizing prop closets at church

Thursday, Feb 14 - 
My goobs dressing up for Valentine's Day at CoOp.

Friday, Feb 15 - 
Katie's first cupcakes made all by herself!

Saturday, Feb 16 -
My nephew from Florida had a flat cardboard cut-out of himself sent to us and we had to take him on a tour of Washington DC. This is my favorite shot at the "top" of the Washington Monument. I'll try to give you the grand tour later this week.


Conny said...

oh, bella is GORGEOUS!! Your kiddos are cute ... and the cupcakes look DELICIOUS! :)

The Bug said...

Pretty horse! And yum to the cupcakes - I would like one right now please :)

Love the "Flat Nephew" - I had a friend take "me" to Europe a couple of years ago - ha!

momma frans said...

Thanks for the "shout out". :-)
Love the spoon pirate. That one made me laugh.
Bella is beautiful!! She looks very sweet.

Nel said...

Your horse is very pretty! Looks gentle. Love all your pics. We received a Flat Alex last year and took him around Springfield, took pictures and wrote information. Then we sent it all back to my cousin's boy in Arkansas. He loved it and so did the class. They are used to the Nuclear power plant there and here we have the coal fed one. They thought that was really interesting! Those can be a lot of fun!
until next time...nel