Monday, February 18, 2013

P365 - Week 5 & 6

During week 5 of P365 (a picture a day) I got discouraged because I had missed two days. Funny thing is I thought about taking pictures on those days, but they were so boring I couldn't think of anything worth sharing.

Missing those two days got me down. I had the internal whining of "I can't believe I've already missed two days in the first month.  Why keep going?" Wah, wah, wah!  I did keep going, but failed to get the pictures on the computer and posted. I kept telling myself to "just keep going" (Can you hear my Dorie voice? "just keep swimming, just keep swimming!") and not to care about falling behind.

I've gotten so discouraged with falling behind the past two years that I've given up, but this year I set a goal to finish I'm plugging away. For me it doesn't matter if it's late, as long as it gets done.

With that, enjoy weeks 5 & 6...

Sunday, Jan 27 -
On Sunday nights we attend Awana (a Bible memorization club).

Monday, Jan 28 - 
We went shopping on a drizzly afternoon and all I came home with was an empty Jelly Belly wrapper. Imagine that!

Tuesday, Jan 29 - No picture

Wednesday, Jan 30 - No picture

Thursday, Jan 31 - 
The girls spent the afternoon at the local skating rink.

Friday, Feb 1 - 
I needed to make some progress on desk organization. It wasn't really working for me so I cleared everything off and started over. (all except the lamp, water bottle and the friendship bracelet my 9-year-old was teaching me to make.)

Saturday, Feb 2 - 
We checked out a local homeschool Science fair

We cried when Mike and Ruby went home to their owner. 
Then we took ourselves out to dinner.

Sunday, Feb 3 - 
A co-worker brought in a quilt that her grandmother had made since she knew I was into quilting. 
What a masterpiece! It had so many fun details and I enjoyed looking at it for quite awhile.

Monday, Feb 4 - 
Exactly where she's not supposed to be. Sigh.

Tuesday, Feb 5 - 
Enjoying Rhett play on the keyboard.

Wednesday, Feb 6 - 
We live on a one lane dirt road so when they trim the trees around the power lines you get to wait.
We were trying to get to a homeschool open gym class (our first time) and were told they would finish in 10 minutes. 45 minutes later we were on our way.

We finally made it to the gym. Downstairs had a rope climbing wall, a rock climbing wall, inflatables, soccer and basketball. Upstairs had a room full of plugged-in exercise. The girls tried it all.

Thursday, Feb 6 - no picture

Friday, Feb 7 - 

Saturday, Feb 8 - 
Mark and I took the girls to Benihana's for dinner; their first time!

You can catch up with the others over at Amy's blog.


gail said...

If this becomes a drudgery, why bother? Do what you can and enjoy it!

sara said...

I started P365 with the idea to be a fun and a great way to document a year in your family's life. It's never a problem to miss a day, I missed many...and I was known to take pictures of myself brushing my teeth at night because it wasn't a picture worthy day! :) I was also known to go back and "recreate" a picture I didn't get! Just enjoy it and find the little delights of the day to capture! It's those small things that you tend to forget and will be glad you have documented later!!!

The Bug said...

What Sara said :)

I love the picture of the puppy - he looks so comfy - how could you boot him off the couch? Heh.

That quilt is fabulous!