Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Girl Talk - Being the New Girl

I receive daily posts written at (in) courage: home for the hearts of women.

Today's post was powerful!

I think we try to kid ourselves as adult women that we can handle being the "new girl," but just last week I went to a quilt guild meeting for the first time and I can tell you I felt like the little girl in the (in)courage post.  I will try again, but sometimes it takes time to feel accepted and welcomed.

Please, take the time to read the sweet post of a mom's heart for her daughter as she navigates a new season and then look for someone this week who is standing on the sidelines just waiting to be noticed. Reach out and give them some attention and encouragement. We all need to feel welcomed and accepted.

Best of all, when you have Christ in your life, you're never alone.


Conny said...

wow, that's ME too!!!! great article.

gail said...

So true. When we were looking for a church, if no one greeted me after the service, we did not return.