Monday, October 22, 2012

Embracing Change!

A prevailing theme in my spiritual growth this year has been living moment-by-moment surrendered to the Lord.  No matter what material I'm studying or what message I'm listening to, the Father keeps bringing to light the truth of walking in step with Him.  He can get pretty creative in making His point on the many aspects of that central truth.

This week the variation of theme was change.  I am a girl who generally abhors changes. How boring, right?!  Early in the week I was given news about a possible change and I cried my way through it wishing that everything could stay the same. 

It can't. It doesn't. If change doesn't come in the expected, it shows up where we least expect it.

The next day my family and I worked in the yard for several hours in the drizzle of rain. It was mildly annoying, but refreshing, as well. Our conversation drifted to the weather and my boys remarked that I don't go outdoors because of the unpredictability of weather.  It's true!  I venture out a couple times a year on those slightly breezy days where the temperature hovers near 70 degrees and the sun indirectly peeks out behind fluffy white clouds.  The boys zoned in on the point: I don't like change. 

That go me thinking, "Could I truly dislike change to the degree of trying to avoid the weather?"  These  thoughts had me asking myself how far I extended my trust in God. Matt 6:33-34 tells us not to worry about our basic needs, but to seek the kingdom of God and not worry about tomorrow.  Inherent in those verses is the underlying message, "It's going to change! Life will throw you curve balls, but all you have to do is Seek Me (God.) I've got it covered."

Psalm 55:19 tells us what happens when we don't live this way. "...Because they do not change, Therefore they do not fear God." My study Bible says, "David's enemies were too set in their ways and too secure to pay attention to God."

I don't want that to be my testimony! Instead I want the testimony of 2 Cor 3:18 where by focusing on the Lord and His glory I am being transformed (changed!) into His image.

Here's to embracing change! (& maybe even going outside.)


Conny said...

Your next-to-last paragraphs reminde me of the best Bible study I've ever done: CHANGED Into His Image by Jim Berg.
I too hate change ... and God has put SO MUCh change into my life the last few years, I guess He wants me to get over that!! LOL
Thanks for the encouraging post (and I see a bush outside my front door I need to trim so I may be outside too!! LOL).

gail said...

Change is so difficult sometimes. I am in your camp about it.