Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Daughter's Wedding

Ashley makes a beautiful bride ready for her day.

Proud Mom!

Maid of Honor - Jessica (friend-long hair)
Bridesmaids: Chelsea (friend)
Katie (Sister on right)
Flower Girls: Tara (Sister on left)
Emma (TJ's sister-front center)

TJ (Groom - top)
Ben (Best Man - 2nd from top)
Caleb (TJ's brother - 2nd from bottom)
Peter (Friend - bottom)

Rhett (my son), plays for the ceremony

Proud Dad walks Ashley down the aisle.

Exchanging Vows

Unity Rock (Rock-climbing themed wedding)
TJ made a rock they could hook their carabiners into, signifying their unity with Jesus Christ, The Rock and each other.

Introducing the happy couple

Ashley enjoyed greeting guests as they left for the reception.
(I wanted you to see her headpiece too!)

Away to the reception
(or a short trip around town before coming back to the church for pictures)

The bride with her sisters, Tara (L) and Katie (R)
This one makes me cry.

The couple with proud parents

Arriving at the reception

So in love!

The lovely reception was held in the Groom's family  backyard.

At first they were nice...

but that wouldn't be like them.

You got something on your face!

First dance

TJ and Ashley Parnell.
May the Lord bless your marriage.
We love you both!


Joyce said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! It looks like it was a perfect day...I love the color scheme and that shade of purple photographs beautifully!

Wishing the newlyweds many happy years together!

Sweet Tea said...

How Beautiful!!
Congratulations all around to all involved. So glad you had lovely weather. The photos are gorgeous and those colors are PERFECT!!
I bet you're exhausted. Marrying off a daughter is quite labor intense. Get some rest "Mama".
Thanks for sharing with us!!

teters4 said...

Loved seeing the pictures of Ashley's wedding! She was just beautiful. I loved the climbing rock's nice to see kids get creative with their weddings. You looked wonderful as well - great family photos! Miss you friend!

Nel said...

What a beautiful bride, momma's not bad looking either! Looked like everything turned out wonderful! Glad the weather cooperated. Love the idea of the unity rock.
Thanks for sharing!
until next time... nel

still.sofia said...

They look so sweet together! Ashley's dress was perfectly her and she looked beautiful! Loved her hair piece.
Congratulations on your new son.

Jewel said...

The unity rock is such a wonderful idea, Angie! I loved the flowers. They were so bright and beautiful!
Thanks so much for taking the time to share the pictures with us! I loved them!
Ohhhh, but TJ and Ashley look so young! (Probably about as young as my son and daughter-in-law when they got married,hm?) *smile* *sigh*

Lori said...

What a beautiful bride! I love the idea of the Rock that's Jesus binding their marriage together. That could be used even without the climbing emphasis. Congratulations to the happy couple!