Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Eye for Art

We all think we have talented kids; it's the nature of parenting...somebody's got to see the best in us, right!

My 16-year-old son has been taking Art classes with the same teacher since 6th grade, when she let him into her High School Art Class. We thought he had some real talent, and he does, but one of his younger sister's drawing talent is shining a little more brightly these days. This same teacher is now admitting Katie into her 3rd through 6th grade class even though she is only 7-years-old and going into 2nd grade. On top of that, the teacher said to us, "I hope she won't be too bored. She may draw better than any of my students in the class." High praise!

Katie has a great eye for proportion and detail and in the coming months I'll try to scan some of her artwork and "give you a show." Knowing that she has a propensity for art I gave her my camera to catch a picture of a butterfly on a butterfly bush. She hung on to my camera long enough to get three pictures which I didn't see until unloading my memory card today. These pics are untouched - just as she took them. She knows nothing about light, focus or anything camera related and yet, I think you'll see that she has an eye for Art. If you don't see, don't tell me...I'm in parenting shangri-la.

butterfly in a bush

spider(s?) on a glass wall

juxtaposition of an outdoor stairwell

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