Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Experience/Old Movie

Have you ever watched an old movie for the umptieth time and responded to it in a new way?

That happened to me last night as I watched

Barefoot in the Park is a great '60's film starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  Last night I was strolling through the new releases on Netflix and came across this old classic. I've seen this movie many times, most often identifying with the different character traits of both husband and wife depending on the circumstances.  However, last night I identified with a new character, the mother of the bride. 

You see, my oldest daughter left Pennsylvania on Thursday towing a UHaul with all her and her husband's belongings and are trekking across the country to settle in Colorado so they can attend seminary. 

She's moving away.

I've had moments of sadness and tears, but they been coupled with joy, knowing that my children are following the Lord's leading and embarking on their new life together in a new place.

As I watched Jane Fonda's character so desperately want the approval of their new apartment from her mother, a stinky little place with no room for a real bed, a hole in the ceiling that allows the snow to fall into the living room and the 6 flights of stairs, I got teary and said aloud, "That's Ashley on Saturday!"

My daughter and son-in-law will have their first real apartment today and I know they will love it! I loved mine and it was a hole-in-the-wall. Their first apartment is sure to be much better.  They have texted details along their journey and arrived safely, but I wish I could be like the mom in Barefoot in the Park, there in person to gush my approval and be an encouragement.  In time we will visit, but for now I wish them well!

It's funny how we can experience a movie or a song differently when our circumstances change. I enjoy the evolution, but it certainly makes me feel old. If you haven't seen Barefoot in the Park, I highly recommend it!


Joyce said...

I hope one day I get to be neighbors with my girls. We have been living spread out since they left for uni and while I'm proud of their independence and accomplishments I sure would love to have a cuppa with them now and then.

Best wishes to your daughter and son in law...Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in America.

gail said...

Which seminary?

I am sure you will miss them terribly.

Being married to a Viet Nam veteran, it is difficult for me to even look at Jane Fonda. That's when I know I must pray for someone!

mare ball said...

Twenty-five years ago, I loved the TV show "Thirty-something." I had a new baby and related to Hope, a main character. This past year, my son gave me the first season of the show, b/c I always mentioned how much I liked it. Watching it again, I thought, "this is pretty lame." LOL! It didn't appeal to me much at this point in life. Funny how our perspective changes. :-)