Saturday, March 24, 2012

P365 - Weeks 9, 10 & 11

Time to catch up with pictures from the last few weeks.

Sunday, Feb 26 -

My Outback lunch after a busy morning at work; Rib Eye - yum!

Monday, Feb 27 -

My paper organization project for the month of February.
I made significan progress, but have more to do.

Tuesday, Feb 28 -

Our chicks didn't hatch so we purchased some at the local farm store.
The spotted brown one's name is Freckles. (center right)
She's been given a pardon from the butcher's wife!
So cute!!!

Wednesday, Feb 29 -

My son is composing arrangements for his CoOp orchestra and for a Shakespearean play.
He's been living on the piano and Mac.

Thursday, March 1 -

Tara decided to add wall stickers just above her bed.
Go Dollar Tree!

Friday, March 2 -

My mom gave us a package of goodies
and we had to show the girls how to eat these retro candies.

Saturday, March 3 -
Car wash - desperately needed.

Sunday, March 4 -

Katie made me this smiling breakfast!

Monday, March 5 -

The next batch of chicks arrive - little yellow/tan ones.
So cute...again!

Tuesday, March 6 -

The beginnings of a quilt for a quilt swap.
60 different colors used twice - cut into 1 1/2 in. squares.

Wednesday, March 7 -

Trip to JoAnn's for my pink blocks and a craft with the girls.

Thursday, March 8 -
My man tilling up a corral for a garden. Yay!

Friday, March 9 -

The chicks asleep.
They lay their heads straight down in front of them.
Have I mentioned, "So cute!"

Saturday, March 10 -

Spring day on the farm.

Sunday, March 11 -

I made a strip quilt for one of the girls' friends as a birthday present.
The top of the quilt was for a bed blanket...

and the back was created as a picnic blanket.

Monday, March 12 -

Birthday party at the American Girl store!

Tuesday, March 13 -

A usual sight...a white laptop appendage. :)

Wednesday, March 14 -

Pieced together the postage stamp center of the quilt.
Now to make a decision about the border.

Thursday, March 15 -

The girls in the chicken's temporary enclosure until they get a little bigger.
(I can't believe I'm blogging about chickens.)

Friday, March 16 -

My Dad and I share a birthday celebration.

Saturday, March 17 -
My oldest daughter, Ashley, and her husband, TJ,
came for the weekend and brought along Faelyn, their Siberian Husky.
What a sweet grand-dog, pictured here with Tara!

Sunday, March 18 -

I put the finishing touches on my mini-quilt.
Off to Mindy in Texas on Monday!


Brenda said...

Oh wow, My daughter would LOVE to do an AG party! Unfortunately the closest store is nearly 3 hours away.
Your quilt is beautiful!

gail said...

Happy birthday!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your family looks like so much fun!