Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just Jesus

I have a friend-of-a-friend who has been on my prayer list for almost 18 months now. Missionaries to a closed country in Asia, they came home for a break in the summer of 2010. They took their 7-year-old daughter to the doctor because she had been having several small symptoms that would come and go, like unexplained fevers, leg pain, and fatigue. Their world was turned upside-down when sweet Adah was diagnosed with leukemia. They spent last Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital, wondering if it would be their last with her. We all praised the Lord together when Adah's treatment and bone marrow transplant worked. She is still getting tested monthly, but all the tests return normal and Adah's mommy is thrilled to be facing another Christmas season with both of her girls, Adah and Claire. I'm sure you can imagine how precious this time is for their family. She recently wrote this:

Our living room looks like some nomads decided to camp for the night. Quilts and blankets hang over the couches and chairs, and a fire is slowly dying in the fireplace. The girls are snuggled into their tents, cozy. As I passed through just now, I paused to eavesdrop, unseen, on their conversation.

"But is he a baby now?" asked Claire.

"No. He grew up. Just like you used to be a baby and now you're three." (Adah replying)

"I am baby Jesus?"

"No, Claire. But you were a baby. Jesus was, too. Now he is grown up."

"But what is his name now?"

"Just Jesus."

"What does he look like?"

"I don't know. I never got to see him." (long pause) "He looks like Daddy. Except he has hair."

This mom was relating a cute conversation between her little ones, but I was struck by the simple answer, "Just Jesus." Obviously, Adah was pointing out that Jesus still had the same name, but in light of their circumstances, I thought about the significance of His name! Just Jesus - nothing more, nothing less. His name didn't change; He never changes. He is faithful, no matter the circumstances - always there, always upholding His children. In good times and bad, He is Just Jesus - all we need. May you allow Jesus to be all you need this Christmas.


Joyce said...

So nice to read this today as my 17 year old niece will have a bone marrow transplant in less than two weeks. We are praying for a good outcome too.

Kris Coffee said...

I read this post from Sara's blog out loud to Steve the other day. So precious.