Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap

Hang on to your seat!
We're taking a look back at our Christmas season!

Rhett got to hang the first ornament on the Advent calendar this year since he'll be away at college for most of December next year.  Thanks for the goofy face!

We went to my parents house to trim their tree and a few other things.

Experts at work!

The finished tree.

Tara (center) sang in my children's choir for the Homeschool Christmas CoOp concert.

My handbell group performed three Christmas pieces.

We cut down our own Christmas tree this year...

then had to drag it FOREVER to the barn to pay.
(The only one complaining was the mom taking pictures. Hm.)

Time to trim our tree at home. 
Grandpa and Rhett hammed it up with their "manly" ornaments - a teddy bear and angel.

Tinsel and Garland, Man!
We dig it!

Baking Day -  with a snitch getting caught in the picture.

Love Pinterest!
Made the cutest name placards out of candy canes.

Best Gift EVER!
When I was a small girl
I loved to play Pegity at my grandparent's home.
I inherited the game, but the game board was falling apart so sometime this fall I offhandedly mentioned to my son how cool it would if he made me a wooden board to replace it...someday.
Then I promptly forgot about the suggestion.
He spent the two weeks before Christmas in the basement (with Dad and Mark as helpers) designing and creating the gameboard with drawer underneath (to hold the pieces).
I do have a picture where I'm blubbering like a fool, but I have a little too much pride to share it. :)

Since our 9 month old puppy loves to chew,
we enjoyed watching her chew off the wrapping of her new toy!

Tara got an American Girl doll...

and Katie got an IPod!

Mark got a pitchfork and then posed as the stoic farmer icon that he is. Ha!

Dad and Mom loved my tears over the Pegity game on Christmas Eve so they pulled out all the stops on Christmas Day and gave me two of my Dad's old toys - a play hospital ...
(The name on the front is Plasticville Hospital. Love it!)

and his Viewmaster (from the 1940's).
It works great and I love looking at the retro reels!
Lots of memories!!

None of us lacked in the present department, especially Katie.

But the best present of all was having Ashley home with her new hubby, TJ!

Hope your Christmas was a memorable one!


Sweet Tea said...

Angie, what a wonderful, homespun, Christmas for you and your family. Great memories! Loved all the photos!

gail said...

What a delightful Christmas post! It was nice "having coffee" with you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trees!

Pinterest...I tried to avoid the Christmas pins because I knew I would want to try to make everything. =p

I love the thoughtful gifts that you received.

Happy new year!