Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365: Week 24

We've had a wonderful week celebrating 2 birthdays in our family. They were both "BIG" ones - Ashley turned 20 and Mark turned 45. We take an annual trek to the beach (usually on Father's Day), but because of working at church, we decided to go a week early. Anyway, here's what's been happening around here.

Sunday, June 13th

Life doesn't get more relaxing than this!


Don't forget to sunscreen UNDER the straps.


Happy Birthdays...two peas in a pod, those two!


We ARE ADDICTED! Can't hardly think about anything else...except maybe when we can play the next game.


Ashley buys her first piece of technology on her own - an ITouch.


Jeana brings Manny over to play (and we play Settlers of Catan!) We love our furry friend & his mamma.


We're leaving for the midwest on Tuesday and have to get our year-end standardized tests done...ahhh. No biggie, really.


Mary said...

Sunburn UNDER the straps? OUCH!
Have a safe trip!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Looks like you had a great time at the beach! Well, aside from the strappy sunburn...That's not good.

What is "The Settlers of Catan?" Seems like it sounds familiar, but I have no clue. Board game? Other?

sara said...

how did they get sunburn UNDER the straps?!! yikes!

we LOVE, LOVE settlers!!! we just got the expanded version so we can all play when our daughter is home. we are also attempting to learn cities and knights!!!

sclevenger said...

That sunburn looks painful! And I've played Settlers once and it was so fun!

2Thinks said...

We also enjoy Settlers and I'd love to have that ITouch! Happy birthday to the two. And by mid-west, do you mean Michigan? Stop by!

McCrakensx4 said...

We love the beach too! And ouch on that sunburn! Happy Brithday...what fun and how funny that dad looks as though he's blowing out the wrong candles!

secondofwett said...

Thanks for stopping by Angie...I don't envy you going thru your grandma's house...we just did my parents and it was a huge, exhausting job! The house went on the market and was sold a week we just have to move the remaining things out,(that were left for staging)....I appreciate your prayers..I miss my dad tremendously...yesterday being Father's Day was particularily difficult. Wishing you all the best on your trip!

Rita said...

Ouch! Sunburn :(
We love, love, love Settlers!
Have a great week!

Elizabeth said...

My brothers and Dad each just got an iTouch...they love them!

Tori said...

Ouch on that sunburn! Who would've though, under the straps?!!
First Sara and now you with Settlers...may have to check this out!
Hope you have a great trip to the Midwest. Give us a honk here in Indiana!
Have a great week!