Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho...It's off to IL we go!

We're heading out tomorrow morning to Grandma's house where we will spend the next few weeks getting her belongings sold and getting her house ready to sell. Although it won't be a typical vacation, we'll make the best of it and make good memories with extended family.

If you'd like to pray, please ask for our safety: Ashley and Rhett will be driving Grandma's car back on their own next week; my mom, the little girls and I will return later in July, our health: my knee has been giving me a lot of trouble, our peace: the emotions of going through and discarding a loved one's personal items are tough, and our testimony: we have a lot of unsaved family who will be with us.

While I'm away I will be computer-free. I don't have a laptop. Bloggers who write posts while watching tv make me jealous. :) I've decided not to borrow someone's ITouch to try to get by, but to instead take an almost technology-free vacation. Gotta have my GPS, phone & IPod. C'mon now.

So...I will not be posting again until a little ways into July. Please, come back and visit. I LOVE writing on paper and have all kinds of ideas for posts so I can share them with you when I return. I will also be taking lots of pictures and will catch you up on our travels with Project 365.

I have pre-scheduled posts on my cooking blog so you can enjoy a new recipe every other day, but I just ran out of time to pre-schedule posts here. Sad.

Can you tell I'm going to miss you? I like that.

Ok, I've got to pay some bills and finish packing a few bags...and maybe catch a little sleep.

See you soon! Until then, "Happy Summer!"


sclevenger said...

God, please give Angie and her family a safe trip, the joy of good memories, and many opportunities to share your love. Amen!

Mary said...

Prayers are going your way. I'm sure it has to be hard looking through loved one's belongings.

Jewel said...

I will be praying for you, Angie, and even though it will be difficult to go through you grandmother's things and all, you will also be blessed with so many wonderful memories!
We experienced this after our mother passed away. Going through the house and dividing up and discarding all that she had accumulated through the years has actually become one of ourfondest memories and it always brings a smile to our face because even in the midst of our lingering grief, we still experienced some joy, too.
The Lord go with you and give you a safe journey. ((HUGS))
I'll miss you, too! :-)

Nel said...

We will miss you! Praying for you in all aspects! See you in July!

until next time... nel

H-Mama said...

Technology-free vacation is a great way to look at it. Hope you are able to get many great family memories in the weeks to come!!!

Susan said...

I pray that things have gone well. I know it's never easy dispersing things of someone who's passed. I love it that you made it "tech free". I don't know if I could honestly do that.